React Native Developer Hiring Guide

We are looking for a React Native developer interested in building performant mobile apps on both the iOS and Android platforms. You will be responsible for architecting and building these applications, as well as coordinating with the teams responsible for other layers of the product infrastructure. Building a product is a highly collaborative effort, and as such, a strong team player with a commitment to perfection is required. It’s an open-source JavaScript library used for developing responsive user interfaces for mobile and web applications. It has a library of reusable components that are meant to help developers build the foundation for their apps.

This is obvious as using React Native, you can build a single app for different platforms . By using the same codebase for multiple platforms results in cost-saving and time-saving. Cross-platform development saves time as it offers maximum code reusability except for native UI components building.

Running your React Native application

It is widely used to develop applications for Android, Android TV, tvOS, Web, Windows, iOS, macOS, and UWP. It offers native platform capabilities to build natively-rendered apps for iOS and Android using the same codebase. React Native react native developer for hire is an open-source framework for building cross-platform applications using React and the platform’s native capabilities. In this course, you will move from the basics of React to a more advanced implementation using React Native.

React Native Developer

This can save you precious time and money and get your project underway faster than the alternative. It sounds obvious, but in an increasingly remote world, being able to communicate well and in a timely manner is absolutely imperative. When looking for developers, discuss their means of communication and their hours of work. It’s likely that they may live in a different timezone than you, so being able to set aside time to connect is a must.

Dive into React Native for Android Development

By the end of this module, you will gain the knowledge to build large lists and configure user inputs within your React Native App. WebstaurantStore helps businesses build themselves from the ground up. We sell everything from warehouse shelving and frozen lobster to shoes and napkins.

Our growing team of exceptionally talented designers, developers and consultants are distributed across the United States and Latin America. You can add state to a component by calling React’s useState Hook. A Hook is a kind of function that lets you “hook into” React features.

Building Reactive Apps with Redux, RxJS, and Redux-Observable in React Native

A JavaScript framework that allows developers to build large, complex, scalable single-page web applications. React components wrap existing native code and interact with native APIs via React’s declarative UI paradigm and JavaScript. TypeScript is often used over JavaScript in modern React Native applications due to its increased type safety.

  • Watchman is a tool by Facebook for watching changes in the filesystem.
  • He has an interest in building products in a semi-entrepreneurial kind of way.
  • There are libraries similar to each other in terms of problems they are trying to solve and there are libraries trying to solve a specific problem.
  • The Expo Go app is a great tool to get started — it exists to help developers quickly get projects off the ground, to experiment with ideas and share their work with minimal friction.

If they are not installed, you should expect to spend about an hour installing and configuring them. Our development strategy is client-centric based as you work with our React Native app maker and our result-driven approach proves to you that we certainly offer fast and quality tested apps. Our step-by-step process for designing, developing, and maintaining exceptional custom software solutions.

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If you’d like to try out React Native directly in your web browser before installing any tools, you can try out Snack. Create platform-specific versions of components so a single codebase can share code across platforms. With React Native, one team can maintain multiple platforms and share a common technology—React. The development team assisted me in forming my mobile app strategy from scratch. I simply provided them with my app idea and they estimated the budget, type and the entire app development process in a timely manner. As with all public job postings, you should expect to receive dozens to hundreds of applicants, of which almost all will be unqualified.

React Native Developer

React native app development services that ensure your mobile app aligns seamlessly with your business objectives. With a team of industry-leading coders, they are skilled at using cutting-edge tools and technologies to design superior mobile applications. Driven by meticulous planning, flawless execution, and unwavering support, they ensure the creation of durable and effective mobile apps. You will easily find resources, hire react native developers, and leverage a huge ecosystem of React to build mobile apps.

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Then we will look into adding a nested tab navigator and finally see how this package automatically enables deeplinking to all routes. Lastly, we spoke to Guillermo Velasquez, yet another senior developer at G2i. First thing you might notice on his resume, he has 10 years of experience. Long story short, he has always been very much interested in software development.

By using React Native, you can reach a large audience at once – as one app can be used by both Android and iOS platforms. According to, the average salary in Canada is $130,000 per year while most experienced workers make up to $177,075 per year. While, practically no other option can beat native app performance but when you have requirements for cross-platform, React Native is a winner. The architecture of react native is very well-formed and tuned to mobile devices.

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The reasons are clear – a huge JavaScript ecosystem, its foray into front-end development usage in backend development, and ubiquity of JavaScript. This has increased the popularity of JavaScript-based frameworks and libraries such as React, Node.js, Vue.js, AngularJS, and so on. Familiarity with native build tools, like Xcode, Android Studio and CI/CD pipelines.