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The company’s cybersecurity platform protects data across digital infrastructure systems, such as networked, application, multi-cloud or edge environments. Ensuring the security of your cloud-based services — and the ways they are accessed — is essential for modern enterprises. To help, we’ve analyzed a range of cybersecurity vendors and services to arrive at this list of the best cloud security companies for threat protection, data security, identity management services, and more. Through their Netskope Intelligent Security Service Edge (SSE), customers are safe with reduced risk, amplified performance, and unfailing visibility across cloud, web, and private applications. This enchanting service has garnered the trust of thousands, including more than 25 of the illustrious Fortune 100, as they navigate the ever-changing tides of threats, risks, and regulatory demands. Palo Alto Networks has one of the most comprehensive cloud native security platforms in the market in Prisma Cloud, with deep capabilities to help organizations manage workload security.

best cloud security companies

Despite the lack of an overarching data security policy, the US does have several privacy regulations that apply to certain data types. For example, The Privacy Act of 1974 dictates the collection and use of personal data by federal agencies. California consumers have the right to demand a company provide them with all information that’s been collected about them under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). “Splunk’s security capabilities complement Cisco’s existing portfolio, and together, will provide leading security analytics and coverage from devices to applications to clouds,” the press release states. One of Cisco’s core cloud tools is SecureX, which that connects the Cisco Security portfolio to the cloud and automates security initiatives across the infrastructure.

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One of the reasons it is on our list of top cloud security software companies is its recent award. In the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for APM and Observability, Datadog has achieved the prestigious position of a Leader. Recognized for its exceptional performance, Datadog stands tall as a beacon of excellence in the realms of application performance monitoring and observability.

best cloud security companies

It is possible to automate the sandboxing, extraction and sanitization of various types of files. Cloud visibility, monitoring, and alerting are core capabilities of the Threat Stack Cloud Security platform. The real differentiator for Threat Stack, however, is the platform’s focus on identifying cloud intrusions and then working with different tools to remediate the threat. Netskope is generally categorized by analysts as a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), though the company’s Security Cloud platform now integrates a broad set of capabilities that go beyond just securing cloud access.

Types of application monitoring

There are several measures you can take to protect your data that don’t require any purchases or downloads. This is an excellent way to ensure you’re not providing companies with more data than you’re comfortable with through the applications and websites you use frequently. Last year, over 422 million individuals in the US were impacted by data breaches, leakages, and exposure [1].

  • Palo Alto Networks is a reliable all-around cloud security solution with the services offered by it.
  • For example, Access Transparency is extending its cloud security services to the G Suite platform.
  • Akamai Technologies detect and provide quick response to millions of attacks every day.
  • These 20 cloud security companies stand out from the pack and are leading the way in 2023—from security market leaders like Palo Alto Networks, Check Point Software Technologies and Sophos, to security startups like Ermetic and Laminar.
  • Zscaler is a cloud-based security company that protects users, data, and applications from cyberattacks.
  • Delve into their track record and client testimonials, akin to voyaging into a realm of shared experiences and visions.

The effectiveness of our mitigation strategies relies heavily on our ability to quickly capture, analyze, and act on threat intelligence. By taking these steps, AWS is going beyond just typical DDoS defense, and moving our protection beyond our borders. To learn more behind this effort, please read How AWS threat intelligence deters threat actors. One such acquisition came in 2019, when IBM acquired open-source enterprise software maker Red Hat for US$34 million, which at the time was one of the biggest tech deals in the industry’s history. Red Hat was incorporated into IBM’s hybrid cloud division, and its products have aided greatly in IBM’s ability to generate cloud revenue. A few years later, IBM acquired Turbonomic, a network performance management and application resource management software provider, in a US$2 billion deal.

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It is possible to customize Zscaler to fit your company’s specific needs by including various services as add-ons. The central values of Akamai are Enterprise Threat protection and Enterprise Application access which operate as centralized consoles of other cloud security companies. It will offer high visibility into all aspects of your network and excellent protection from a wide range of attacks. In addition, it simplifies all tasks that are essential in maintaining a stable security posture.

Venture-backed companies that’ve been doing cloud security since their inception include Wiz — the top-valued cybersecurity unicorn at $10 billion — and Orca Security, which sports a valuation of $1.8 billion. Meanwhile, numerous major security industry players have expanded into the category over time, including cybersecurity giants such as Palo Alto Networks and CrowdStrike. Check Point’s (CHKP) 7% revenue growth may not turn heads, but the 30-year-old firewall pioneer offers a complete security portfolio that offers strong security and value too. Firewalls, gateways, UTM, EDR, threat intelligence, incident response, encryption and data loss prevention are just some of the areas the company ranks highly in.

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It’s the leading hacker-powered security platform that assists companies in finding and fixing critical vulnerabilities before hackers can take advantage. HackerOne Solutions is trusted by more than 1000 organizations across the globe, and it’s most preferred than any other hacker-powered security option. The critical differentiator for Trend Micro is the workload security feature capable of extending the same protection and policy to various deployment modalities such as on-premise, public and private cloud workloads. Today, this is a vital tool since most successful attacks tend to be sophisticated, multi-vector attacks that target weakness across the company’s IT ecosystem. Check Point is the leading cloud solution in gateways, threat intelligence, firewalls, prevention of data loss, and encryption. Check Point started building firewalls almost 30 years ago to counteract novel cyber-attacks across network systems.

best cloud security companies

The American Data Privacy and Protection Act could serve as a comprehensive, federal data protection law, similar to Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Although it was approved by the US House of Representatives’ Committee on cloud security services providers Energy and Commerce in July 2022, it has since failed to advance to the floors of the House or Senate. Strong support for this legislation has been expressed, but differing opinions on what it needs to include have stymied further progress.

Check Point Software

The good thing is that they keep updating security products to reflect the current intelligence across the vast network. It’s a branch of Raytheon, which is amongst the largest defense manufacturers in the world. Forcepoint will keep your devices secure despite them being in the orbits, cloud or actual clouds. With the suite of security services, your IT team will have a complete picture of the cloud ecosystem, then deliver enhanced response capabilities to rectify the current attacks. These companies include; Redlock, TwistLock, and PureSec, thus, offering workload and container policy, control and threat detection. Palo Alto’s key differentiator is the complete cloud workload visibility characterized by serverless functions.

best cloud security companies

Nestled in the heart of Palo Alto, California, VMware envisions a brighter tomorrow through its ambitious 2030 Agenda. With over 24,000 dedicated employees and an extensive ecosystem of 75,000 partners, they touch various industries, from banking and healthcare to government, retail, telecommunications, manufacturing, and transportation. As they weave a tapestry of innovation and enterprise, VMware stands as a guiding light for organizations seeking cloud security companies in the USA to shape a better future. This way organizations embrace new technologies, transformations, and network changes with strong confidence. The evolving threats are addressed easily, as well as new risks, and technological shifts, so that cloud security innovation is always a step forward. As the winds of change blow, and new regulatory requirements emerge, Netskope gives trust and resilience.

Real-Time Cloud Infrastructure

This multi-vector approach to protection ensures that your network, devices, and important files are kept out of harm’s way. Keeping your business computing assets safe isn’t always a straightforward task—luckily, that’s where a reliable cloud antivirus can help out. These solutions allow you to set up a virtual gateway for your entire network, rather than go through the trouble of installing apps on each of your business machines. As a result, you’ll have enhanced protection against malware and ransomware, and because these are cloud-based solutions, you’ll have no trouble using them on desktop or mobile devices.

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