10 Tips for Knocking Your Virtual Interview Out of the Park

It’s more difficult for the interviewer to understand your enthusiasm through the screen, so make sure you’re expressive when answering questions. The main way to communicate confidence is to sit up straight, smile, and keep the camera at eye level. Research shows that employers are more likely to remember what you said if you maintain eye contact, so keep your focus on the camera when talking, not on the image of the hiring manager. Consider that what to wear to a remote interview depends on the industry.

If you like wearing your hair ‘down,’ reconsider if this will mean you’ll be fidgeting with your hair a lot. It can be distracting to the interviewer, who gets a clear view of you on a screen. If you’ve been speaking with a recruiter up until this point, the recruiter will likely provide the name of your remote video interviewer, and his or her LinkedIn. If you’re in an industry that expects professional and formal dress, keep in mind that you’ll only be seen from above your waist. In preparing for a virtual interview, it pays to have your video setup ready at your laptop or home desktop computer.

Candidate experience and online interviews

One important, and often overlooked, aspect of the hiring process is ensuring a candidate fits into the company with little-to-no friction. Interviewers will ask a series of questions pertaining to your working style to determine if you’re a good fit to join the team. (Just because the question doesn’t specifically address a topic, doesn’t mean you can’t talk about it).

  • I also made sure I could do a screen share, as some final presentation interview rounds require presenting a slide deck or Powerpoint.
  • Remote interviews can be conducted by using virtual interview software, phone, or other technological means.
  • Let your professional network know that you’re looking, search for online job listings, and follow your dream employers on social media.
  • And place the window where your interviewer will appear on the same monitor as your camera and move it as close to the camera as possible—centered is best.
  • Whether you’re looking to build your business, expand your career, or simply pick up a new digital skill, we can help you get started.
  • Remote interviewing is here to stay, as the pandemic and its evolving offshoot, the Great Resignation, continue to reshape the modern workplace.
  • For example, if you’re applying for a food blogger position, consider using a background with your favorite foods around the edges.

To prepare for this question, read the job description; a few crucial facts or information demonstrate genuine interest and commercial savvy. Because this question is in the competency-based questioning format, make sure to outline the specific activities you took to drive your team, as interviewers want to see proof of practical experience. It also gives the interviewer an idea of where your natural focus or accomplishments are – people development, process, cost savings, change, and so on. This is a tough topic to answer because your response will determine whether your interviewer believes you are too strong-willed or, worse, too modest in your job attitude. This could be the adrenaline rush of achieving daily targets in a sales career or the personal joy you obtain from helping others in a customer-service role.

Use a clean, neat, professional and natural video interview background

We’ve traveled the world working from our laptops, and now we’re so excited to share our remote work tips and tricks, along with hacks for working from home, with you, here on our blog. course careers remote jobs Otherwise, the video for the interviewer will be choppy from their end. Make sure your wireless headphones get charged the day before or the morning before the video call.

These are excellent questions to ask when hiring customer service agents or representatives, customer support members, customer service managers, and other positions. The typical office has many (maybe too many) bright, overhead lights that, for better or worse, make sure you can see everything in fine detail. For video interviews, ideally you want lighting that’s in front or to the sides of your face. Avoid having windows or bright light directly at your back, which means your interviewer is staring at a dimly lit shadow with a halo effect.

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The interviewer will be searching for a specific example of how you used this insight to build, implement, and enhance your sales process. Look for occasions and examples where you went above and above with an idea, a client, or a customer call. You must have done some research on the company in order to answer this question. Reply with your observations of the company’s aspects and how your qualities align with them. Whenever possible, always do your video call on a laptop with a webcam! It’s a better experience for you and those on the other end; joining a video call from a mobile phone can come across unprofessional if not done properly.

Have you ever had a conversation with someone where they seemed to be looking over your shoulder or away from you entirely? So while actual eye contact isn’t possible in a video interview, you’ll want to get as close as possible. Looking at someone’s face is usually enough to show that you’re listening and engaged with what they’re saying.